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Two-section long-reach boom
Three-section long-reach boom
Standard Bucket
Heavy Duty Bucket
Rock Bucket
Skeleton Bucket
Ditching Bucket
Mud Bucket
Tilt Bucket
Ripper Bucket
Trapezoidal Bucket
Grab Bucket
Clamshell Bucket
Thumb Bucket
Loader Bucket
Quick Hitch/Coupler
Heavy Duty Bucket
Heavy Duty Bucket
Adaptor plate and side plate are made of homemade material NM360,homemade material high quality tooth plate,so that it can resist grinding and bending.

For digging the rubble,gravel and clay with tough stone, or loading the secondary tough stone and rock.

We can make or design buckets as per customers'request.

If you are interested our products you can call us directly.
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