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Two-section long-reach boom
Three-section long-reach boom
Standard Bucket
Heavy Duty Bucket
Rock Bucket
Skeleton Bucket
Ditching Bucket
Mud Bucket
Tilt Bucket
Ripper Bucket
Trapezoidal Bucket
Grab Bucket
Clamshell Bucket
Thumb Bucket
Loader Bucket
Quick Hitch/Coupler
Two-section long-reach boom
Two-section long-reach boomTwo-section long-reach booms are mainly for basic earthmoving and chasm digging applications.
Rock Bucket
Rock Bucket 
Digging gravels, and soil with hard stones, loading secondary hard rock and weathered granite.
RipperMainly with single tooth, and some with two or three teeth, featuring strong digging and cutting capacity.
With our extensive experience in designing and manufacturing of excavator long reach boom, you can now maximize your ROI (Return On Investment) on your existing fleet of excavators.Hundreds of customers have realized the value of long reach attachment where standard boom failed to get the necessary job done effectively. Our long reach front attachment can help you to achieve more than 50% digging depth and forward reach over a standard boom, saving you valuable cost and time, and maximizing your bottom line.
Product design are accomplished by utilizing latest CAD software, simulated via advance Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools, ensuring optimum design integrity.
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